Friday, 5 February 2010

To Reason Away From Being

Here's a new cartoon i did a few weeks ago, but didn't get round to putting online. I'm in a terrible hurry to get a train, but will find the reference as soon as possible. The gist is that Kierkegaard, often said to be the Grandfather, or Father, or Godfather of Existenstialism, claims to 'reason away from Being'. This is a way of saying that 'existence precedes essence': exactly what the Existentialists assert: that to think is to already to be, so our the attempt to think what Being might be will never really work, as we can't step outside our own thoughts. Y'know, to be is to do, do be do be doo.

In other news, my wonderful friend Kaya did a little write-up of this blog, for the prestigious digital media agency 'glue london'. I always thought I was more of an 'old media' girl myself: the pen, the paper, etc, but their stuff looks cool. Not sure what they mean by 'geeky tidbits from the world of cyberspace' though??! Anyway, Hello if you came through that link, it is delightful to e-meet you!

Also, does anyone think Kierkegaard was a bit of a hottie?!
More soon!

becca xo

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