Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Knight of Infinite Faith

Here's a new cartoon, based on Kierkegaard's Knight of Infinite Faith, whom is 'unable to make himself intelligible to others' (Kierkegaard, 1985: 107). Kierkegaard wavers on the suggestion that in fact, he can't be certain he's ever identified such a person at all, but that this doesn't give him grounds to deny that every other person could be one (1985: 67-8). Indeed the Knight of faith is consumed with graciously accepting finitude at every moment: 'he belongs altogether to the world' (1985: 68) and is therefore almost totally unidentifiable in a crowd: 'indeed, he looks just like a tax-gatherer!' (1985:68). A fact Being seems not to have grasped... becca xo

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Destroying the History of Ontology

I'm very much enjoying being a PROPER blogger, and updating the blog everyday! Hooray! I'm still on a bit of a Heidegger trip though, it's Heidegger who sees part of his task as destroying the history of ontology. I was being lazy about this one so I'm just going to direct you to the paragraph entitled 'Destruktion' on the wikipedia page about Heideggerian terminology which says it better than I could...


Saturday, 27 March 2010


In 'How to bluff your way in Philosophy' Jim Hankinson describes the main characteristics of Eastern Philosophy in a section called 'How to Be a Mystic':

'1/ Invent a few meaningless paradoxes (such as 'The only true light is the darkness' or 'Each step forward is a step backwards').
2/. Have a line in pointless proverbs (like 'He who talks with the goldfish is lucky to receive an answer', or 'the taller the tree, the thinner the fruit').
3/ Profess a belief in at least one palpable metaphysical absurdity, such as that Everything is All One, or that Ordinary Reality is merely a Base Illusion in Comparison with the True Light of the Godhead. Remember to Talk in Capital Letters.
4/ Intimate in an obscure way that the Road to Enlightenment, though Long and Hard, is Ultimately Traversable, and hint that a good method of traversing it is by entering on a Close Physical Relationship with yourself.
5/ At all times wear a Benign Smile, for practical purposes indistinguishable from the Inane Grin' (1999:56)

I have nothing to add.


Friday, 26 March 2010

The Shortest Summary of Being and Time Ever!

You might remember Dasein from an earlier post, here he is again in glorious technicolor! Dasein is a Heideggerian term from Being & Time by Martin Heidegger, the book that 'spawned' Being & Tim! In Being & Time Heidegger attempts to show that any attempt to understand our Being is already regulated by certain concepts. It's helpful to point out that his work exists in the same vein as Kierkegaard's: again an investigation of Being is already dictated by our position as beings. Heidegger says, 'But even if we ask, 'What is Being'?, we keep within an understanding of the 'is',' (1962: 25). Anyway, to cut a long story short, moods are one of the categories necessary to our understanding of our Being, 'in every case Dasein always has some mood' (1962:173).Which is why Dasein is so touchy...(but I think Being might have forgotten his birthday as well.)

becca xo

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Being & Tim in Hong Kong!

Being and Tim decided to join me when I went to Hong Kong with the band I'm in, but Tim was too badly behaved for me to get many good photos of them. Clockwise from Top Left: Being and Tim waiting in the departure lounge in heathrow, Graeme and Eleanor McGee in the background: Being and Tim in the room I stayed in on the 33rd floor (Being doesn't like heights!);  Being gorges himself on airplane food on the way back: Being and Tim at Joyce is not here on Peel Street with Jimmy McGee.

A good time was had by all! Thanks to Jane and Mike from Songs for Children for having The Bobby McGees! If you're ever in HK looking for somewhere to dance then check out their wonderful indie night! becca xo

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Right, so I've spent what feels like the last month making this little animation for you, the Viewing Public! (actually it's the last day and a half, but youtube is a lot more stressful than i thought!). Anyway, it's supposed to be a theme tune of sorts for the ''upcoming'' Being and Tim: the Series! I made the theme tune with Jimmy McGee, he's doing the backing vocals, and I'm doing the rest: we sped up one track so i sound about 5! Jimmy and me are both in The Bobby McGee's  but can also be found embarrassing ourselves musically and all sorts on his YouTube channel. My favourite thing about the theme tune is the way that Jimmy's backing vocals sound a little bit like the singing in the Original Star Trek theme tune!
By the way, The video I made actually has a much better ending than this, where Martin H smiles and a halo grows round his head, but for some reason YouTube won't upload this bit. I don't know why but will hopefully figure it out and update it asap. Until then you'll just have to use your mental imaging faculties.

phew, i'm pooped. till next time
becca xo