Thursday, 4 March 2010


Right, so I've spent what feels like the last month making this little animation for you, the Viewing Public! (actually it's the last day and a half, but youtube is a lot more stressful than i thought!). Anyway, it's supposed to be a theme tune of sorts for the ''upcoming'' Being and Tim: the Series! I made the theme tune with Jimmy McGee, he's doing the backing vocals, and I'm doing the rest: we sped up one track so i sound about 5! Jimmy and me are both in The Bobby McGee's  but can also be found embarrassing ourselves musically and all sorts on his YouTube channel. My favourite thing about the theme tune is the way that Jimmy's backing vocals sound a little bit like the singing in the Original Star Trek theme tune!
By the way, The video I made actually has a much better ending than this, where Martin H smiles and a halo grows round his head, but for some reason YouTube won't upload this bit. I don't know why but will hopefully figure it out and update it asap. Until then you'll just have to use your mental imaging faculties.

phew, i'm pooped. till next time
becca xo


  1. Joel, did you get the message I just put up?

    Also, the link's updated now, so check out the new ending...

  2. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!