Friday, 26 March 2010

The Shortest Summary of Being and Time Ever!

You might remember Dasein from an earlier post, here he is again in glorious technicolor! Dasein is a Heideggerian term from Being & Time by Martin Heidegger, the book that 'spawned' Being & Tim! In Being & Time Heidegger attempts to show that any attempt to understand our Being is already regulated by certain concepts. It's helpful to point out that his work exists in the same vein as Kierkegaard's: again an investigation of Being is already dictated by our position as beings. Heidegger says, 'But even if we ask, 'What is Being'?, we keep within an understanding of the 'is',' (1962: 25). Anyway, to cut a long story short, moods are one of the categories necessary to our understanding of our Being, 'in every case Dasein always has some mood' (1962:173).Which is why Dasein is so touchy...(but I think Being might have forgotten his birthday as well.)

becca xo


  1. This one is particularly excellent. Being and Tim is a must for anyone looking to keep sane while drudging away at their Heidegger dissertation (like I am right now).

  2. Heehee. Glad to be of assistance! Let me know if you come up with anymore good jokes ;-) (I'm sure that will be high on your list of priorities right now!)

  3. Today as I typed on dissertation C-3, I accidentally referred to the text as Being and Tim. Your art is infiltrating my being...and time.