Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Knight of Infinite Faith

Here's a new cartoon, based on Kierkegaard's Knight of Infinite Faith, whom is 'unable to make himself intelligible to others' (Kierkegaard, 1985: 107). Kierkegaard wavers on the suggestion that in fact, he can't be certain he's ever identified such a person at all, but that this doesn't give him grounds to deny that every other person could be one (1985: 67-8). Indeed the Knight of faith is consumed with graciously accepting finitude at every moment: 'he belongs altogether to the world' (1985: 68) and is therefore almost totally unidentifiable in a crowd: 'indeed, he looks just like a tax-gatherer!' (1985:68). A fact Being seems not to have grasped... becca xo

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