Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Courage Not to Act!

I'm hoping that your excitement that I've ACTUALLY POSTED something will make you feel well-disposed towards my utter lack of referencing in regards to this new cartoon. (I definitely read it somewhere, I think it was Kierkegaard's notebooks or a minor source that seems to escape the tendrils of wiki-quote!) While searching for a reference I did find another Kierkegaard quotation that is just begging for a cartoon, so keep your eyes peeled for something to do with this. It certainly makes me feel better about not posting for awhile! But I have been drawing a few things. This little fellow below is Data Entry Pig, a new character I've been developing! He's PASSIONATE about retail! And most other things that will get him through the job interview. Also right at the bottom is the fiirst of many cartoons attempting to find some humour in my brother's brain tumour. There he is, getting zapped by Dr. Blofeld. Not many people know this but Dr. Blofeld did in fact train as a radiologist, before turning to plans of world domination. And that's me as a cartoon.

Anyway, I won't leave it so long next time. Cheerio! becca xo

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