Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Limits of Sense.

Part of the problem of doing a pseudo-philosophy cartoon is that people assume you always know the philosophy behind it, and have done lots of research, rather than simply heard your lecturer say something mildly amusing and done a silly cartoon of it. Most of my cartoons relating to the early Wittgenstein emphasise this: along with many others (i hope!) I am quite happy to admit that I have little to no idea what Wittgenstein's  Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is really about. I mean I could say that it is generally about the referential structure of language, the logical system extending from this and the clear delineation between sense and nonsense (hence the limits of sense, a term Wittgenstein uses), but I couldn't really say why he thought this. People try and explain it to me and I hear the word logic and fall asleep. It's just a problem I have.

The later Wittgenstein though: he's much better.


p.s I do know some stuff about philosophy, it's just that most of it involves Nietzsche. I even have a Nietzsche watch so basically, I must be a philosopher.

p.p.s Sorry about the bad quality of the picture, I've gone to my parents, so have had to use a camera not a scanner to get them onto the interweb. I'll change them asap...

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