Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Elephant of SURPRISE!

I thought I should make this rather silly joke after the elephant of truth, but as it is, it's still not really more than a very silly pun. I tried to make it a bit more sophisticated with reference to Henry David Thoreau, so if you like the idea of him and Ralph Waldo Emerson having sexy parties at Walden pond then you can just ignore the elephant fellow. (The reference is from Walden, p31 in my edition which is Dover, 1995.) The guy basically spent a year squatting by a pond, being totally self-sufficient, and writing about the need to re-think our relationship to society. Really excellent Anarchist stuff.



  1. Does the Elephant practice self-reliance?

  2. I can't tell you, that would spoil the surprise! ;-)

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