Monday, 24 May 2010

Super Kant: Part 2

I've been working hard on some new ideas, but as yet they're not quite finished, so instead I'm going to put up this  (very) old but (I think) fairly amusing Super Kant episode! You may remember 'mild-mannered philosopher Clark Kant' from this episode but in this second installment we find him battling with the moral conundrum of whether or not to tell a murderer where their victim is hiding. Kant was so committed to the idea of respecting another rational agent that he did in fact suggest that the moral thing would be not to lie to the murderer. Presumably you'd then phone the police or something. As Being says, most people tend to be a little baffled by this example, and it certainly goes some of the way for giving Kant his 'hard-nosed' image. That and the front cover of the Critique of Pure Reason, he looks terrifying! (For more on this example have a look at the 'Inquiring Murderer' section on wikipedia.)

While we're talking about Kant's hard-nosed image, have a look at this video. It made me chuckle, but then again, I'm a Nietzschean.

See you on Thursday!

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