Monday, 14 June 2010

Bricks & Sorrow

beep beep! Okay so it's a bit late today, and the image is a bit mussy, because I was rushing and didn't have time for the usual post-production routine!

According to my second year notes (!) the idea of bricks and sorrow being incommensurable is an example of non-cognitivism or emotivism. Moral statements can't really be said to be rational, because they're not statements of fact about the world but expressions of preference: in reality there is nothing by which we can compare them, just like there's no way to decide whether lasagne or chocolate is 'better'. Saying 'murder is bad' is like saying 'boo hiss to murder': saying 'courage is good' only says 'hooray for courage'. (Funnily enough, this is often referred to as the boo-hurrah theory!). The upshot is that we can't have a moral system, because there just isn't a way of systematising such statements. Instead we should just learn more about bricks I guess.

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