Thursday, 29 July 2010

almost what i said it would be...!

so, I got distracted from scanning in the first ever sketch of Being & Nothingness, by my friend. But on the up side I was distracted by drawing more cartoons! These are a couple of sketches for my new blog (which is still under construction) about humourous ways of dealing with cancer! My brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January, and it helps a little bit to be able to appreciate how bizarre the whole situation is. The cartoon on the left details how absurdly sensitive one becomes, while the one on the right focuses more on the homocidal tendencies brought up by tragedy. In fact, maybe I intentionally killed my pot plant out of suppressed rage? hum.

In other news, I'm going to be exhibiting Being & Tim in Sweden for the Dragonfly festival in August! I'm very excited about this, but also a bit scared, as it'll be my first proper exhibition, and there's still a lot to do....!

Anyway, I'll put that Being & Nothingness cartoon up soon, it's pretty cute

becca xo

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  1. Best luck at Dragonfly. If I were on that side of the pond, I'd come show support. Keep up all the brilliant work.