Thursday, 22 July 2010

a not very philosophical post with FREE Being & Tim Business card!

Exhibit A
well, the two things i've been working on this week are: exhibit A: Being and Tim business card! Print some off and pass them around your friends! You'll soon be the coolest kids in town! And if you live in Brighton, UK, you might be interested in printing out the other poster I made: another (better) design for my friend's open space regeneration group compARTment. I'm hoping to run a zine stand there in a week or two, so will probably have less time to draw cartoons cos I'll be e-mailing and doing all the boring stuff that you always seem to forget is involved in the glitzy glamourous world of zine fests. But come along if you're in the area, July 31st at Brighton's Open Market. There'll be music and zines and lots of elastic! (intriging no?!)

 Exhibit B
So sorry for the boring post, but I'll try and work on the long-awaited Schrodinger's Cat in the Hat for next time! Cheerio!

becca xo 

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