Thursday, 1 July 2010

uh-oh spaghetti ohs!

Well, I'm gonna come clean. I've not done a Being & Tim for today. I've been super-busy working on a poster/flyer thing for my friend's organisation compARTment (see left). They work to use derelict sites for workshops and community events and brilliant stuff like that. Anywayses, they've got some stalls at our local market, and said I could do a zinefest there if I made a poster. I kinda like it, and I definitely enjoy geeking out on photoshop! (the words are gonna go in the blue bit, I don't know what they are yet!)

But, just so you're not entirely bereft of some bad philosophy puns and toilet humour, I've also included a couple of very old sketches of Being & Tim, back when I was still working out how to draw them. They'll probably never make it into final pieces. But you never know, I've got to run out of ideas at some point!The second one's for all the Cavellians in the house....good old Stan :-)
(although for the record, his reading of Nietzsche in Cities of Words is appalling. E-mail if you wanna discuss...!)

Anyway I'll do my best to do a proper one for Monday, have a good weekend in the meantime!

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