Friday, 30 July 2010

Zine Stall tomorrow: featuring NEW BEING & TIM!

Well tomorrow is the opening day of compARTment, you may have seen the posters that I made in an earlier post. Just to get you excited (if you live in the Brighton area) I thought I'd post a photo of some of the zines that'll be at the Open Market, off London Road, at some unspecified time after 9am. Poetry and apocalyptic postcards from the Young Hanoverians, some stuff from Andy P (creator of Celph, there in the background) and some other stuff about zombies and social unrest....and apparently my friend Nicole is bringing her comic down, which apparently has something to do with Nietzsche! Score!

But eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed a new-looking-brown envelope! Yes folks, that's right, there's a new edition of Being & Tim, featuring 8 more ontological adventures...Still only £1! Available at all good comic shops once I get round to putting them in there. But available at the open market tomorrow from about 9ish....!!

Last thing now, too good not to mention, I finally got round to collecting my friend's spinning wheel, i am officially A SPINSTER!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! And if you don't believe me that spinning wheels are related to the word spinster then check out the dictionary!

Cheerio, hope to see you tomorrow!

becca xo

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