Friday, 13 August 2010


Hi there everyone,

I'm terribly sorry i've not had a chance to update anything recently. I've been busily preparing for the Dragonfly festival in Sweden which i've been going on about. Yesterday I ordered some prints, and also got some rather posh looking business cards! heehee. But i've been sketching too, some new ideas: Being-not-at-home, Tool-Being...and i ordered a book on quantum theory so i can double check my schrodinger's cat in the hat!!

I don't think I mentioned that I put a lot of paper 'business cards' in all the copies of Being & Time at Sussex University library...!! If that's what's led you to this site then welcome!!! Please feel free to leave a comment! But it turned out to be quite a good way to find new ideas (apparently Heidegger talks about 'naked Dasein' somewhere! Maybe I should do an 'adult' Being & Tim??!)

So, I'm off on Tues/Weds, and back the next week on 24th, so i probably won't have any time to put anything up before then... but i'll make sure that I take lots of photos and most importantly do lots of sketches! I've put up a new poll as a kind of compensation for while i'm away....

See you in a week or two!

becca xo

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  1. Is this where I put the name of my other in the vote? If so I'd go for the Marquis de Sade because there's a pretty good chance he'd actually enjoy it.