Monday, 2 August 2010


The compARTment space, featuring Nic Blair's elastic installation

Books from Matthew James Kay
Paul from POG and a sunny sky!
Comics by Paul
Clare plays uke
Live Graffiti from Wet Paint Productions
A beautiful collection of Peach Melba zines

Thanks to everyone who came along for the Compartment opening at the open market on Saturday, especially everyone who played music or brought along zines. It was a nice day, starting off a bit rainy and gloomy, but ending up with the sun shining merrily as we ate cake and listened to music...
 Here are some pictures for you...
The Death of Me plays the first set of the day

Ben from Boy in the Cupboard sings about the end of the world


mmmmm zines again
The compartment space, with Ben from Brighton DJs

Clothes and Art at one of the Maker's stalls


Dresses by Dig for Victory at another stall

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