Monday, 11 October 2010

Being does not belong to man

Simone Weil says that 'being does not belong to man' on page 33 of Gravity & Grace, the most famous of her works. Wikipedia says:

'It is difficult to speak conclusively of Weil's theology, since it exists only in the form of scattered aphorisms in her notebooks, and in a handful of letters. Neither of these formats provides a very direct path to understanding or evaluating her beliefs

and I'm inclined to believe it, not because it's right but because I'm exhausted by a weekend of gigging and making nettle ale! 
Thanks to Nicole Holgate for the reference, her blog is here, and she does a cool zine entitled 'What Would Nietzsche Do?'
She would say that it's more about zombies than Nietzsche, but I think the important themes are all there: existential angst,
sceptical self-reflexivity, moustaches....

I've also been working on another blog, for my illustration work. It's not going to be half as fun as Being & Tim.

'Til Thursday,

becca xo

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