Sunday, 3 October 2010

Being & Tim Update!

Just thought I'd let you know that I've not disappeared, I've just been working on some varying projects, and planning some Being & Tim Christmas gifts including a BEING & TIM 2011 Diary!

The diaries will be A5 size (ish, maybe more on the square side), hard-back and hand-bound with 18 (or more, haven't decided yet!) A5 colour Being & Tim illustrations, and a number of smaller ones, quotations etc, to make 2011 your most philosophical year yet!  Pre-order at and get it at a reduced price of £18! (It'll be ready some time in October sort of thing but you can pay when i send it or summat)

Also Being & Tim 3 should be out for Christmas time, including more Being & Tim cartoons, some STICKERS and a BADGE! I'll keep you updated on that....the other two collections are still available for £1.50 each or £3.00 for both, plus p&p, email me if you would like me to post you them :-)

Anyway, I've also been doing a few different illustrations for different projects. This one (featuring Descartes, Hume and Kant)  is for a cartoon/comic/satire/newspaper set in 1791 and based on a sinister story of a scientist and his dream machine.....dah da DANNN! The paper is coming out as part of the White Night event in Brighton. For more on the newspaper see their website, but if you haven't heard about the White Nights thang, then check them out too! Should all be lots of fun.

Anyway, more Being & Tim to follow, let me know if you're interested in those diaries....


becca xo

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