Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Schrodinger's LOLcats

 Awhile ago I talked about my plan to do a cartoon called Schrodinger's Cat in the Hat, based on the famous thought experiment by Schrodinger that everyone knows about but no one really understands. As such, I have had to do a bit of extra research before turning my pen to a quantum-physical rhyme, and in one of the many deep philosophical discussions I had with friends on the subject, was inspired to do my own take on the internet phenomenon that is lolcats (thanks to kesh for the idea.)  It turns out that pretty much everyone has made this joke, but it's just still funny! Here's another picture I found on the web, just to be fair to the cats, and a few more below i edited myself. 

Incidentally it's pretty hard to find an animal that hasn't already been attached to Schrodinger on the interwebs. I found Schrodinger's poodle, but let me know if you find anymore!

becca xo

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  1. I don't recall you contacting me for permissions to use my name in your publication. :)