Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New version of Marxist Musical Chairs!

Here's another new version of an old cartoon, that's also going to be in the 2011 diary. It's a very obvious pun on the last line of the Communist Manifesto: 'Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose but your chains!'

Mark Steel has a very funny lecture about Marx. Check out the first part here, if you have time. It's great!

becca xo

Monday, 6 December 2010

something for the meantime

While I work hard on the new diary, here's a new version of an old cartoon i did, that will feature in its pages. The Excluded Middle (the little green chap on the right) is an idea of Derrida's I believe, and is essentially the idea that we can create a suspension between what seems like a simple opposition. For example in the case of gender, rather than preferencing male or female, we can question the necessity and morality of making a choice at all. The act of suspension takes place through the act of writing, as we continuously question and deconstruct all notions of stability.

I think it's rubbish.

becca xo

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Being & Tim 3: The Heidegger Years!

The next lot of Being & Tim cartoons have been photo-copied and enveloped for your enjoyment. This collection includes 6 Being & Tim cartoons inspired by the work of Martin Heidegger (left) (including Being-in-the-world, Tool-Being, Ready-to-hand, Naked Dasein, Being with a Big B, and Not-at-home). They're a great summary of the main themes of Being & Time! ;-)

Yeah, I know you could just print them off yourselves, but then again, how would you get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE Being & Tim Stickers that are in this pack?! That would take a LOT more planning, and at £1 a pack plus P & P it's a lot simpler just to order them straight from my email address: I could also send you Being & Tim 1 and 2 for £1 each too, as they all make great stocking fillers!

For those of you still waiting on diaries, I have nearly completed the final formatting, and will let you know as soon as they are ready for me to send,

becca xo