Monday, 16 May 2011

The adventures of Thomas Aquinas!

This cartoon is abit more silly than normal, and was really just a nod to one of my favourite past-times: foraging. I'm a particular fan of anything you can make out of humble weed: and can often be found knee-high in nettles collecting ingredients to make soup, pesto, and most importantly BEER!

 Anyway, while looking for recipes for Dandelion and Burdock, a traditional British soft-drink that tastes a bit like American root beer, I found this alleged story of its origins....

''One notable example has it that St. Thomas Aquinas, after praying for inspiration for a full night, walked from his place of prayer straight into the countryside and, "trusting in God to provide", concocted the drink from the first plants he encountered. It was this drink that aided his concentration when seeking to formulate his theological arguments that ultimately culminated in the Summa Theologica.[2]

And then I slightly extrapolated on this, using my own special brand of infantile humour. haha! 

The absence of both Being and Tim in this cartoon makes me feel the need to compensate with a arbitrary link. Here's one my friend sent to me about Nietzsche's horrendous musical compositions. Poor guy, I mean, can it be that bad???!

Listen here to decide, and leave me your comments, especially if you make it to the end!:

becca xo

Friday, 6 May 2011


Super Kant has been gracing Being and tim since back in the day. He's one of my favourite characters, and has battles with Uberman and of course, his enemy SLUMBERING DOGMAN! I was never really happy with the original cartoon but have managed to redo it to get some of the Critique of Pure Reason in at the end, which makes it MORE EDUCATIONAL (so don't enjoy it too much)! He's also a bit more dishy than he was to begin with....;-)

Any other ideas about who Super Kant could battle? Arnold Schopenaheur-negger?! Leave me your comments!

becca x