Monday, 12 September 2011

Philosophical Investigations....


You may have been wondering what we at Being &Tim Towers have been up to the last few months, as things have been more than a little quiet on the blog of late. I've been working on number of different projects, scattered all over empirical reality and the world-wide-interweb, and the next year should be pretty busy, which is very exciting.

Most relevantly, I've been doing some little pics for Peter Baron's brilliant site Philosophical Investigations: which is choc-ful of all sorts of resources and discussions for A-level students and their teachers. You can see an old Being & Tim on the site here and the commissions like the one below will be uploaded onto the site very shortly. Welcome to anyone coming from there, and for the rest of you  I recommend a little peek...!

''Kant believed human experience could be divided between two realms, the realm of ideas [noumenal realm] and the realm of experience [phenomenal realm], and that morality came from the realm of ideas''' Peter Baron, for more have a look around

I've also been busy working on a children's book with author Sal Macip, and going to become a self-employed illustrator from next month, both of which are very scary, but you can see what I've been up to at my illustration blog: (Still very much under construction!) Hopefully at some point in then next few weeks I'll be launching a new website that will combine all my comics, illustrations and pictures of pigs in pants into one lovely home! But I'll keep you posted...

The last piece of exciting news is that I've finally relocated my MA dissertation! All 20,000 words of it. And to celebrate me being able to navigate my google account I'm going to release this 'lost treasure' to you, a piece at a time.....mwaahahahahah. I'll post the first section at some point this week, as well as a new Being & Tim exciting!

see you soon,

becca xo

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