Saturday, 1 December 2012

Being & Tim Advent Calendar!

So, remember when I was talking about plans, rumblings, shadows in the east? Here's the first installment of what I was talking about, a Being & Tim Alphabetical Advent Calender of sorts, charting the highs and lows of philosophy in alphabetical order. (The advent calendar is an idea I got from one of my current favourite comedians, John Finnemore, who did a one-a-day project in a similar vein last year. This year he's mainly writing Cabin Pressure Series 4, which i am happy about ) I think it's probably a very good way to inject some life into my blog while also building up a sense of inordinate excitement and anticipation for the inevitable disappointment that will be Christmas Day. Which is half the fun right?

Anyway, aphorisms, what are they about?! sheesh...
See you tomorrow! Becca x

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