Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 7 (just!): G is for Game-Theory!

Somedays the commitment to drawing one picture a day fits right in with your schedule. Other days, it doesn't. Today is the latter, which is why a/the cartoon is a bit rough around the edges, and b/I am just gonna leave you with some wikipedia links to investigate on the subject of Game Theory.

And for the particular scenario that Being is talking about try here's_dilemma

I'd be interested to hear people's comments on Game Theory, as I never feel like I got to the point of it as it were. It certainly wouldn't make a good board game...



  1. Ok, I stand corrected, I do understand this one without aid of wikipedia. My problem with the Prisoner's Dilemna was that the "we don't know which one of you it is, so we're charging you both for a lesser sentence" probably won't hold up in court. At least Game Theory The Game could quote a playing time of "Up to 1 year" on the box.

    PS. K is for Killing Your Past Self

  2. (If you're still struggling for ideas for K, that is)

  3. Thanks Dan, interesting suggestion but I might stick to something more childish (as is my wont!)Will hopefully post it tomorrow/later today...

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