Thursday, 13 December 2012

December 13th: M is for Marcuse

Being & Tim don't normally reference me, although it has been known to happen. (we're so post-modern here).
Otherwise we have another silly silly silly cartoon that is fairly self-explanatory.

Clearly a one-dimensional man would look more like this:


Right ?? Anyone know about dimensions? I've not read One-Dimensional Man, sometimes I just like to imagine how books would be (with cardboard cut-outs and pretend moustaches) and just keep that like a holy vision in my mind. Maybe that'd be a good project, front covers for how philosophy texts should be. I think Tractatus Logicus Philosophicus sounds a bit like an 80s computer game myself.

Tomorrow. N for......... ah ha! Not going to spoil the surprise this time. Wanna guess?

Becca x

ps. We're getting pretty heated over at 'K is for Knowledge and metaphorical chocolate' on the subject of a priori/a posteriori. Consider this a formal invitation to come stick your oar in!

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